Why do Kerala tourism ads say, God's Own 'Country,' when Kerala is just another 'state' in India?

India is a vast country stretching from the mighty Himalayas to the tropical greenery of Kerala offering plethora of different experiences.Each state has its own unique experiences to offer and uses different phrases and taglines to attract the attention of potential travelers. Kerala tourism department is doing a wonderful job in showcasing the unique experiences Kerala offers in the world market by their world class marketing. Kerala tourism department uses the tagline God's own country to showcase itself in world market.

Here are the few things I can think of that makes Kerala better than "Just another state"

In a nutshell Kerala  can be summarized as
- One of the most beautiful Backwaters in the world
- Land of Ayurvedha/Spices
- Plethora of Beautiful Sunny Beaches spread across the state
- Rich cultural heritages/festivals/ Experiences
- Unique culinary experiences.

Kerala is one of the most  beautiful places worth visiting in India.

1.Natural Beauty  and unique geographical positioning -   Kerala is gifted with natural beauty and greenery  has Arabain Sea on   one side and Wester Ghats on the other side, providing different   wonderful experiences such as Hill stations,Beaches,Backwaters,Wild life,Waterfalls with all most all the experiences geographically closer to each other. This   helps a traveler to roam around from one experience to another easily   and enjoy  all these experiences in a short span of time (say 4-5   Days). This gives a unique advantage to Kerala unlike many other  Tourist  destinations which offers only a single theme. To get better  idea of  this you can consider the below most famous tourist circuit of  Kerala
Cochin  Inernational Airport –> Cherai Beach (1 hour) ->  Munnar Hill  Station (5 Hour) -> Thekkady Wild life (4 Hour) ->   Alleppy/Kumarakom Backwaters (4 hours)  (Travel time from previous   destination to current  destination in bracket)

Many such Tourist circuits exists in south Kerala, North Kerala connecting the international airports in those areas

2. Moderate Climate round the year making in an all year destination for international as well as  domestic  travelers . Every season is Kerala is offering  its own  unique  experience to the travelers be it Monsoons, Winter or Summer.  You just  need to know what to expect in each season and pick your most  suited  season for heading to Kerala. For knowing more details on "Best  time to  Visit Kerala" you can read Sreejith Puthenparambil Chandran's answer to Vacations: What is the best time to visit Kerala, India?

3. Well connected by Sea and Air with three international airports and one Sea Port falling in international ship route. Proximity to Bangalore the silicon valley of India.

4. Kerala offers the most authentic AyurVedha Experience and can be called the land of Ayurvedha.A lot of Domestic as well as   International travelers are heading to Kerala for having the first hand   experience of Ayurvedic rejuvenation treatments and massages .

5. Easy to communicate in English.   Thanks to the high literacy rate most f the people in Kerala will can   speak and understand basic English making it much easier for   international travelers to roam around, communicate and blend in.   Coupled with tourism friendly  and welcoming people and support from   local authorities makes the travelers comfortable.

6. Well developed Tourism infrastructure and world class marketing from Kerala Tourism Department - There are plenty of mature professional players in all areas  of the   tourism sector  (Accommodation, Tour Operators, Activities) ,  providing   exceptional service with international standards which opens  up a large  world of different options, making travelers feel like  spoiled with   choices. This also prompts them to come back next time  for another set  of new experiences which they have missed this time.  The Kerala Tourism  department does a pretty good job in marketing  Kerala tourism through  various innovative ways and a strong social  media presence.

7. Best value for money experience -  High USD to  INR conversion rate makes Kerala a very affordable Value for money destination for International travelers

8. Land of Spices – right from earlier centuries  Kerala    has marked its presence  in the global spice market for its rich   flavored spices. In Kerala you can visit Spice plantations and get a   first hand experience of everything in the world of spices. Spice   tourism is gaining momentum in Kerala

9. Rich cultural traditions and colorful festivals-    Different festivals spread throughout the year (Thrissur Pooram, Boat   Races, Theyyams ,Onam). Any time you visit Kerala, most likely there   will be at least one local festival you can experience.

10. Unique Local Cuisines –   . If   you visit Kerala, the southern most state of India you will   have  a   unique culinary experience, thanks to its wide variety of   spices.   Kerala, often called the "Land of Spices," was one of the   major spice    shipping hubs for the globe as early as 3000 B.C. and is   still a major    grower and exporter of spices and foods to this day.   Kerala breakfast   has been listed in top 5  favourite breakfasts  around  the world by  Travel+ Leisure.
Wake Up and Smell the . . .
You can read more about Kerala Local Cuisines here
Experience Kerala Holiday Planners' answer to What is one dish you cannot afford to miss when you visit Kerala?

11. Last but most important World class Experiences Kerala offers,   be it  BackWaters or Sunny Beaches or Hill Stations. Kerala was named   top 5 family destinations in the world by Lonely Planet in 2014
Best family travel destinations for 2014 - Lonely Planet

Athirappally Waterfalls

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