Why do doctors marry doctors?

I was married long before I was a medical student. I am not married to a doctor.

What I did see was that many people in medical school and residency marry each other, during training. You're in your mid twenties to early thirties during that time. That's the prime mating season for most people, doctors or not.

Also, think about it, proximity is a big factor. You literally spend a lot of time with other doctors. A LOT of time. Days, nights, weekends, holidays. You don't really have a lot of time to go out and meet a nice guy or gal, while playing softball, somewhere. It's the same reason that doctors marry nurses.

Other doctors, or nurses, "get it". They don't scold you for cancelling dinner plans, at the last minute, because you had a patient crashing and couldn't leave. You can't really tell a patient, "Hey, sorry that you are in respiratory distress but my girl's waiting.". There is no "quitting time"in Medicine. Other doctors understand. They probably left you in the same predicament earlier in the week.

The other side, I think, is far more interesting. Why do non-doctors want to marry doctors? Some people might say "You make a lot of money." I think that may be a bit cynical. At least, I hope it is.

The aura of power, prestige and confidence is pretty alluring to anyone who hasn't seen their future spouse stammering like an idiot during rounds when the attending is "pimping him".

Non-doctors think we are 4+ super awesome God-like life savers. Sorry to tell you but Dr. Future Spouse puts on their scrubs one leg at a time.

Keep in mind that if you are married to a physician, you have pretty much signed up for being the "detail person" in your family life. There aren't many neurosurgeon with the time to pick up the dry cleaning while dropping little Sally at dance class. Your job will take a back seat. Your schedule will be the one that gets messed up when little Billy barfs up his lunch in class.

Ask my husband. He was the king of the carpool. He was the class "Mom". He arranged our three kid's lives. He knew this going in. I played that role for ten years while he persued his dream. Then we switched and I persued mine.

I have a friend who is married to a doctor. She loves having a nice car and a second home but she struggles with loneliness now that her kids are grown. She has spent many a holiday, many an anniversary, many a birthday, without him.

She has people tell her all the time how wonderful and dedicated he is, yet she's the one making sure that someone sends a mortgage check so that Dr. Wonderful doesn't get his house foreclosed on while he is busy saving lives.

I do recall my own mother telling me back in the 1960's that I had very expensive tastes and that I should be sure to marry a doctor. Sorry, Mom.


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