Why do fat people prefer to use skinny jeans instead of regular fit?

Someone in my family used to ask questions like this, and it was clearly a passive aggressive attempt at sarcasm or witticism.

"Han han haaaa." she'd laugh down her upturned nose.

Her snobbishness, and lack of kindness, and cheap attempts at humor, at the expense of others made me really uncomfortable.

So I started to ask myself when I saw people dressing oddly for their shape or for what is popular in modern mags:

I bet this person got up and got dressed, like anyone does, and thought,"Hey, I look good."

Or at least, "I look stylish." (I personally stay away from trendy things.)

Or, "My partner thinks I look good in this, so I'll wear it."

Or, "I wish I could afford clothes that fit me better, but times are hard."

Or, "This is comfortable, I don't care how I look!"

Or any one of a hundred pretty normal things that most people think when dressing.

I'm certain that if I thought anything different, anything cruel or judgmental, the person who was the victim of my judgement would be shamed or at least uncomfortable, as many are by those who judge and stare at people who are different.

Why would I want to do something like that to another?

And most of all, do I want to walk around in a world where everyone looks exactly the same, according to some squishy ever changing societal set of standards? Or according to what I think the appropriate size and weight of a person is for a certain article of clothing?

Of course not!

I love the color and creativity and diversity of this world.

And I am pained at the thoughtless, unkind, shallow and petty judgments of others.

And I love people, all of them. I especially love and feel sorry for people who feel the need to ask such questions. I believe they are lacking empathy or the ability to care and connect with different people. And their worlds are probably pretty small.

EDIT: I noticed a change to the wording of this question, I approve of the less offensive version. If my response comes off harsh, it's because the original was different.

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