Why do humans care so much about killing livestock humanely, when animals in the wild just kill other animals brutally by nature without caring?

Humans are empathic. This means we mirror others' emotions and sensations when we witness them. We're not the only animals with this capability, but what it means is that we understand when we're causing pain, and doing so deliberately constitutes cruelty.

Cruelty is a trait which, when practiced by humans, tends to lead them to be cruel to one another as well as other species. Therefore it is highly antisocial and not conducive to a peaceful and healthy human society. As with empathy, cruelty is not something present only in humans, but only a few other species have demonstrated the self-awareness and empathy necessary to engage in cruelty.

Human emotions are therefore the primary reason for this behavior. Because we feel better about animal slaughter when we know the animals did not suffer, we're more comfortable with buying products made from them. So this is an excellent marketing tactic, and a good way to preserve the industry. Remember: HUMANS ARE NOT ALWAYS RATIONAL. Repeat that several times for emphasis. The reason why humans CARE about things is rarely based on logic. The fact that it's not logic-based changes nothing.

Finally, stress in animals can alter the flavor of the meat. This alteration is so extreme in some species that it changes the grading of the meat. Stressed pig meat cannot be sold as premium, and is fit only for ground pork products and pet food. This is no small consideration.

Now, the above addresses slaughter only. Of course, treating livestock well prior to slaughter means healthier livestock. Healthy animals put on and keep on weight better, and are less likely to pass on zoonoses. They are even more nutritious. So it's utterly illogical to mistreat livestock.

How fast can you build muscle without steroids?

It depend upon 3 thingsYour Diet planYour geneticsYour Exercise routineUnder optimal conditions, if you are genetically blessed and your Diet and exercise routine are correct you can build 1–2 pounds of quality muscle per month.However in general,close to one pound is reality.In order to maximize muscle growth in limited time one shouldLift heavy

What is the purpose of marriage in a Western society?

My country is an e-country. (Digital society - e-Estonia) When people get married in my country, lots of things become easier for them:healthcare: the spouses are automatically listed as one another's nearest relatives, which enables emergency information exchange, inheritance, decision making in dire cases, etc.;children:

What is the intuitive explanation of Learning to Rank and algorithms like RankNet, LambdaRank and LambdaMART? In what types of data/variables can these techniques be used? What are their strengths and limitations?

RankNet, LambdaRank and LambdaMART are all what we call Learning to Rank algorithms. What is Learning to Rank?Learning to Rank (LTR) is a class of techniques that apply supervised machine learning (ML) to solve ranking problems. The main difference between LTR and traditional supervised ML is