Why do humans think differently than animals?

Humans have evolved in a different matrix from the evolving animals.
Does this point to an intelligence outside of mans existence? Yes. God? No.

OK now, this may take some time...Explanation of human creation and evolution involves more than a few paragraphs.

If you have something better to do...I understand. go on...maybe come back to this later...when you have more time.
 OK anybody left ?...Good! Let's begin:

Perhaps a little leeway can be given by referring to the god/gods with the little g, and not the Abrahamic God of the big G.

There is much I find I am in agreement with what Johnnie has already stated, however, I draw a different conclusion.

The whole of the animal Kingdom has experienced a similar and intertwining evolution, except for Mankind.

To have evolved from the primates is understandable only up to a certain point, after which, the radical change is too vast to be explained by mutation or any other natural process of evolution.

Is 'love' 'marriage'?

The answer to this question depends on your country, culture, and social mores-and, of course, the individuals involved.In the U.S.: yes,

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I'm sorry that you're going through that. I don't know the situation - but since i'm responding to you, i'll assume you're not in the wrong.First, from experience - this seems like normal behavior (as stressful and malicious as it may seem) for kids of any age in blended families. Before you

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In my opinion NO ! atleast not 100%let us assume Day 1 : you can do 20 pushups andDAY 7: You can do 30.you're increasing the rep ranges of same body weight. So you're increasing the endurance not the strength. In initial phase yes your strength will increase but to some extent after