Why do i hate running and working out?

The brain does not quite work that way: it needs oxygen, which means you need some kind of activity. Evolution has not yet transformed humans so that they can sit 8 hours in front of a computer and watch TV the rest of the day. That is why so many people die early of a cardiac arrest. So you need to do something. Walk the dog of the neighbor, find a park, learn judo, take dance lessons even in front of the computer with a friend. Anything. But oxygenating your brain will make you smarter than sitting down even if you read Einstein papers in German. We humans have no choice, we are just built a certain way. Organize yourself to have fun.

Try also to spend one hour a day studying something (eventually for free on YouTube of in the MOOCs) that can help with your emotional problems or one day bring more money in your pocket.

Don't try to find excuses for losing your time. Imagine what a superb person you are becoming right now. Trust it.

What do you think about love and marriage?

Hii...Love is unconditional and grows strong with time. There is no such thing like love at first sight. Love allows full freedom and it's complete in itself.Marriage is a bond between two souls which is pure and eternal. But,marriage these days has become a temporary agreement and has completely lost its meaning and purity.If both the partners stand together

I'm learning English and I would like to have someone to speak with. Who wants to start with me? I can teach you French (I speak it usually).

Good thing I know this website wherein you can look for a native English speaker and you might as well share your mother tongue or your native language.Ever heard of TUTOROO? Visit this website and we will help you connect with a native English speaker. Or be a part

What causes that distinctive 'hospital smell'?

Yes, disinfectant odor is probably the most predominant. However, there are many sources of odor. All the odors produced by sick patients, and various pharmaceuticals, etc. In the past, when many hospital wards had carpeted halls the odor was much stronger. Now that scented ethyl alcohol gel