Why do kids need to do yoga?

Yoga asanas and pranayama (breathing techniques) calm their mind and help kids to improve their concentration and perform day-to-day activities better. It also works as a good break from their regular indoor activities which makes them hyper and restless. We have also customised certain asanas and worked on breathing patterns to train kids who have a learning disability."

Yoga for children first inculcates, then enhances body awareness, verbal communication, listening skills, teamwork and observation powers. It informs children about their environment and nature while exciting their tender imagination. Yoga for children readies kids for the rigors of grown up life through a program of instruction physical training and breathing techniques. Children learn while playing, dancing and singing.

What is the best way for my 2 1/2 year old son to go to sleep at night? He don't want to go to sleep at night and it took us an hour or 2 before he fall asleep. He move a lot...

I had a similar problem with my son, also very active and just plain didn't *want* to sleep. He had stuff to do, and he didn't want to be missing out on anything exciting like cleaning up the dinner dishes. We have always had a good, predictable bedtime routine (dinner, bath, brush teeth, play quietly in his

Why is Tesla Motors so successful?

I think the question should be something like ‘ why Tesla motors so popular?'. Actually the company is not that successful while considering the generated revenue. The company shines in the share market but it is not because the company is profitable it is due to the hype that is being

Can you be a developer with a healthy lifestyle?

Oh yes sure. But it actually depends on the company and your time travel. Let me show you my daily basic schedule on my previous work. My shift is Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm and I live 8 km away from my working place6:30 am: Wake up time7:30 am: Time to go to work8:00 am: Now I'm