Why do most Indian parents seem intent on persuading their kids to take up engineering or medicine?

I think it's because the image created long back for Engg and Medicine profession. Those days before 1980s only few Engineers and Doctors in India. They were highly respected and successful at those days.

And by the time people started understanding the value of education. And created a craze over Engg and Medicine field. Since now it has been a choice to choose by anyone ,I think parents are going for that option....

I think in both the fields,Engineering had become a simple and easier choice than Medicine. Now that as well losing its attraction due to unemployment.

Do you have to tell your wife every single thing?

No dont go doing that,thats the road to divorce.Does she want to hear her ass is getting fat???I dont think so.How about the fact you hate her intefering mom and think shes an old goat that should be banned from coming within a mile of your house????Pretty sure thatll go down well.You lost 300 quid betting on the

Why do I feel constantly tired with school? I feel like, I don't want to go to school. What should I do?

Are you in high school, or college? If high school, I say keep plugging away. It sounds very dorky, but I got a kick out of doing all of my homework and packing it neatly away in my backpack each night.

What are the best exercises for a full body workout when your arm is broken?

IF you have great balance, and have no possibility of injuring your arm...here is a great circuit that I have used with those with single arm issues.Set a timer for 30 on/30 off after you have sufficiently warmed up.Work out for 30 seconds with the following exercises, then rest at the next 30 second interval.Body weight squatsKettlebell single