Why do narcissists act like children?

I have experience with dating a narcissist and it is true, they do act like children. the reason being is that narcissists based their whole life on what they can gain out of others. Their is always a motive as to why you are in their life. They are selfish beings and throw the narcissistic toddler temper tantrum when they don't get what they are using you for or.....when you set BOUNDARIES! Boundaries to a narcissist is like sunlight to a vampire. They can't tolerate any type of boundaries you set for them. For instance, dating one you will find that you are constantly, and I mean constantly remind them about boundaries with what is appropriate and what is not. My narcissist, it was like talking to a toddler. You grow baffled because you can't understand why a grown ass man with a girlfriend can't grasp the fact that commenting on a female friend's fb pic saying "I want to eat that ass" is inappropriate. It's like ground hog day being with a narcissist. Monday "Why did you send Susan a dick pic? You can't send dick pics while you are in a relationship. You shouldn't send dick pics period because that is tacky af." Tuesday "Jennifer reached out to me saying she said you wouldn't mind hooking up with her. Why would you say that?" Wednesday "Why do you have so many IG cam girls on your friends list?" You can see the pattern. It's incredibly frustrating dating a narcissist and having to always remind them of boundaries. They will push and push until they get their way or "win". We all know the many typical defenses narcissists do when you keep enforcing boundaries. "Why are you trying to control me? Change me? I don't tell you who to talk to (lies), Why do you have a problem with it, YOU must be cheating." .
As with failing to respect boundaries, they live their life in hypocrisy. The double standards of a narcissist is beyond aggravating and it just proves how entitled they truly feel. If you confront a narcissist that talking to a certain person is inappropriate, a narcissist will say this "I don't tell you who you can or can't talk to." Okay, so test that mfucker on his word. Talk to a platonic guy friend on the phone and have the narcissist overhear or find out and see what happens. You could be talking about how you both loved Diane's potato salad at the work pot luck for 45 minutes and the narcissist will explode in jealousy. Just RAGE hulk style but contain it in a covert manner until it is time to leash out the beast. Narcissist: "Who were you talking to?" you: "Oh that was Josh, he always makes me laugh lol we were talking about Diane's potato salad." Narcissist "Oh, so Josh is that 25 year old dude with the stupid blonde hair that is your friend on fb and liked that pic of you at the pool?" You: "idk, did he? Sure then yes since I don't know any other Josh." This is all manipulative work done by the narcissist. You (we all do) brush this little innocent conversation aside as meaningless. But, the narcissist is saving this for a later date to ruin you. So the narcissist ends the discussion there and you continue to live life until you catch your narcissist in yet another inappropriate situation. You call him out AGAIN because narcissists act like bratty 5 year olds that don't listen. Now guess what? That little innocent conversation with Josh about Diane's potato salad turns into an accusatory fabricated story by the narcissist and shit all gets twisted on you and you (we all do) fall for it! You: "I saw that you told Janice that she was the most beautiful girl you ever saw and you would kill to date her. You: "That hurt my feelings since you are already dating me." Narcissist: "YOU'RE ACCUSING ME OF BEING INAPPROPRIATE? I DON'T WANT YOU TALKING TO JOSH THEN. YOU WANT TO SUCK HIS DICK ANYWAY AND YOU PROBABLY DID SO DON'T TELL ME WHO I CAN AND CAN'T TALK YOU." Your immediate reaction is to get defensive and the narcissist sees that as you being guilty so that enforces his doubt and rage in you. In their warped mind, they feed into this delusion that now YOU are the inappropriate one and so they further act inappropriate and at times, right in front of you to gain attention from you by triangulation and making you jealous. Ahhhh just one of the rides on the psychotic narcissist train.

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