Why do our parents love us?

Thank you for this question. As I now understand that we don't exist without our parents. Because we have a physical and emotional cord that connects us with them.

Energy cord is something that exists between all individuals. Our parents love us because they see us as a part of them. They have given us their blood.

They have given their energy (soul) and our energy cord has a strong bond as compared to other cords.

Our parents are from the primary group of souls(destiny of souls by Michael Newton). We already have made a contract in the spirit world that they will be our parents in this birth. The soul enters in to the foetus in between 3–10 months after fertilization. The soul has chosen two souls to be parents and life events will unfold based on the karmic lesson of that soul.

Every soul will be in different phases of learning and life lessons are different. Hence question papers are different too for each individual. Also I have read that a person is obese in this life to compensate for the suffering he had because of poverty in past life. Most people who were starving in past lives are obese in this life. Also some characteristics of people in past life will continue in the present life. The same lesson will be repeated till the soul learns from it and not repeats it.

Parents unconsciously love us as they have a strong bond and cord connecting us for thousands of lives

They are not always parents in all lives. The same soul might be daughter, son, brother, sister, father. Soul doesn't have gender. Only form does. Soul is nothing but a bundle of energy.

Got from same soul many bodies by Dr Brian weiss

This is natural. Every living being strives hard to preserve existence of his body, whether it is an ant, elephant or human. Nobody wants to die. That is to say every living being loves existence. The soul जीव however knows that however he loves this body, adore this body, do everything to preserve this body, it is going to parish some day. The children are product of this body, the body in which he sees his image and loves. so not only humans, even smallest to largest animals fight till death to save their children. They believe that they will continue to exist, if not through this body, through their children. we as humans are mentally and intellectually more developed, so our love for our children is visible or menifested. It is the God who has established this feelings of love to children in every living being.

Your parents brought you into the world because they wanted you. Your mother carried you 9 months and did everything to protect you. Now that you are born, they will love you no matter how old you become and as long as they live. They raised you with all the love and affection, provide you the best they could.

Secondly, God created humans as well as animals, to take care of their own. You may have seen yesterday in the national TV two elephants rescuing a baby elephant from water. If animals take care of their young in such a way, how much more humans.

You are their blood. They have brought you here and it has a purpose. You would not understand until you become a parent yourself. I just understand now after being a parent myself.

When you see your child, you see your features inside him or her. Some of them even have the same mannerisms inherited. It makes you feel good. When a child smiles at you, you forget all the tensions and start playing with him or her. You feel blessed and work harder to make your child's future safe.

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