Why do people do only 3 sets in the gym?

Three sets may be a good general rule to follow, however there is nothing magical about it. The number of sets you choose to do might be based on level of experience on a movement and the nature of the movement. For very beginners, try 1 or 2 sets. Over time you may want to progress to 3 or more. For movements that involve smaller muscle groups, therefore lower levels of resistance, less sets may do the trick. For bigger stronger movements, more experienced exercisers may need more sets in order to keep progressing. With these there is a distinction between "warmup sets" and "working sets." Warming up for lifting is important. Even the serious powerlifters I know start with an empty bar or light weights and work up gradually to the heavy or hard working sets. This gives you the opportunity to dial in your body mechanics prior to loading up heavy.

Check out this video for more info on exercise program design including a basic set/rep structure:

Can I body build and learn to fight at the same time?

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What doctors will prescribe Xanax?

Hi, I've got a very unique problem. The reason I'm having a problem getting Xanax now is because of the DEA crackdown on doctors. I know opiates and Benzo's have been misused and abused, but I'm in need of Xanax desperately. I

If superhero comics were more realistic, would they be better? What are the most realistic and smart comics?

They would not necessarily be better if they were more realistic. I enjoyed the thoroughly fantastic origin of the Silver Surfer, for instance. His concept for those who don't know the character, is not just unrealistic but also a bit silly.I generally do not enjoy comics that attempt to realistically depict violence. Part of this may, however, be