Why do people expect God to stop evil men from doing evil things?

You should let the divine rest on this negotiable and workable problem in ethics, and applied in law and society. First, you need a sufficient written interpretation for cases of wrong doing. Then you need a suficient jury to hear the case, and the judge to rightly interpret both written law and in person hearing case. These evils are simply larger degree wrong doing. They resolve with superior political governance, and trust in public institutions. If people get rebellious, they can observe the religious communities, and understand why these fundamental institutions place trust under God. We still have problems with specific cities, and offenders and the enprisonment cycles. But with some observation, study, and enforcement we can make it work. These hard public problems require patient on the societal time frame.

because God has all the power and wisdom to do so, and humans have failed to do so, which is why there are police, lawyers, courts, prisons. He did not create sin nor sinful beings, He blessed them with the gift of freedom of choice, and many people choose to go against His will and ways, not trusting in it. they say they believe in God, but in real life they behave as if He does not exist. He is irrelevant during the work week, and only good for a public display of piety for others. God certainly can do whatever, but has allowed things to go as far as they have and has also given the authority to certain groups of people (the church) to deal with a number of worldly issues. I know from personal experience that God can under certain circumstances, stop a person cold when they plan on doing something He doesn't want to happen. sin has to be shown to everyone in the world as BAD, but the majority of people have not been convinced. the basic idea is that a good God created all good, and some of His creation deviated from His will, and there were consequenses for it, that last to this day. God wants us to understand that sin is bad, sin is destructive, and sin separates one from a holy God.

Pardon me, but God always answers the prayers of the repentant, and the holy. Anyone living in a state of grace has God inside them in a very real way, and trying to do His Will - that is the way that He acts-through people's free will.

But watch it, God never created "sinful beings" - God created man in original justice, we are the ones who fell, He did not make us fallen. God can never be the source of Evil. Technically speaking, evil is a vacuum of Good. It is only in those who have turned away from God, and, because of the Free Will He gave them, they turn their back on Him and cause a shadow - an absence of light, see?

Assuming God exists.

God is omnipotent and omnicient. This means that at the moment where he granted free will, he knew exactly how things would turn out. He could have granted free will in a way or through means which would result in no harm ever being done. God has the power to grant free will while preventing all evil, otherwise he isn't omnipotent.

This means he willingly chose a chain of events which would lead to the existence of these "evil" men and them doing their "evil" deeds. This again means that he effectively did those things himself.

The existence of something omnicient and the concept of free will are mutually exclusive, because if the future is known or knowable, it is predetermined. So if God is omnicient, preserving free will isn't an argument against intervention, since dfree will never existed in the first place.

Many if not most believers think that their god(s) is/are:

  1. Omnipotent
  2. Omniscient
  3. Omnibenevolent

Ok, then:

  1. Why would an omnipotent god not change things?
  2. An omniscient god would know, even with free will in place, everything that everyone would ever choose to do. So why create the universe that way?
  3. Given the knowledge of what's coming, and the ability to change it, why would an omnibenevolent god allow drunk drivers to kill pedestrians, or create a need for pediatric oncologists, or allow genocides (or commit them, in fact)?

It is a mystery why anyone believes in invisible friends given the world as it really is. There really is no theological double-talk that gets around the problem of evil. The simple and obvious solution is that there are no gods.

All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. -Edmund Burke Man needs to wake up to the fact that God is not going to save us. It is up to man to save us.

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