Why do people feel happy for others?

I don't know about others, but I really feel happy when others are. I feel connected to people that's what is more satisfying.

I also feel sad when others are, or when something bad happens to them. I mostly can relate to their emotions be it happy, sad, excitement, anger or grief. I feel like I have been there in their place and if not, I place myself in their situation and see. All this has become a habit so I cannot change it.

Feeling happy is not something I make up on my own, it comes on its own. It not only satisfies me but it make the other person comfortable and proud of it's company.

I guess people who feel happy for others, feel the way I do.

The above doesn't apply for people, who feel happy by hurting others or me on purpose.

I once had a motivation training in my campus which talk about RAS.

RAS stands for reticular activating system. It's a system in our brain that does not know who gets prize, money or everything. it only focus on what happens.

For example when your friend get money, you RAS doesn't know who got the money. So be happy, than your brain will get focus on getting money, and subconsciously, our brain and our body will focus on getting money. Vice versa.

So be happy whoever gets lucky, gets money, gets married, or gets a new home. It doesn't matter, your mind and body will focus on working to give the same thing to you.

try it.

I believe that we're all conected and we are one. This is what the Buddha said 2500 years ago and now science says exactly the same: we are all parts of the universe: stardust.

So there's this bond between everyone of us.

Emotion are contagious, if you are in a room with people crying you will feel loke you want to cry. Same for laughing etc.

In english we name this emphaty. And this can be felt when you see someone happy, you "feel happy" or simply express joy for this person.

Emphaty is one of the most amazing thing that exist in our world.

This is also a good question.

We are sufferers, and is a part of life.

If one's suffering could get them some positive results it is good for them and it motivates the society overall. It is good.

An Olympic gold motives the entire nation.

A test win motives the entire nation.

A Nobel prize motives the entire nation.

The people have suffered to achieve this distinction and everyone is happy that the suffering had paid off the good result.

Best wishes.

empathy is wired deep within our brains. I watched a documentary about this a while back. I can not remember the details but basically as part of our group mentality sort of wiring it was important that we were all at approximately the same emotional feelings as the others, and to be able to read how others feel, so certain neuros fire that can sort of ‘feel how they feel.' Somebody more studied in it can probably give a better answer but that is what I can remember from the documentary.

If you care about people it gives you pleasure to see them happy instead of sad. There are many who think they can't be satisfied if others are miserable so they try to ensure the well being of people around them . We rejoice in the victory of our national teams, we laugh if everyone else is laughing , at a funeral we find it hard to hold tears because all of us ultimately are subject to the same fate so unconsciously the air around us matters to determine our moods.

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