Why do people get divorced in India?

Personal experience:

I married my sweetheart after dating for 5 years.

She was madly in love with me, she convinced me to get married to her, she convinced my family and her family.

We got married , within 7 months she started complaining about how lonely her life has become and how I control her. We were in different shifts.

And like any couple in the whole world we had a little fallout, I was not happy and expecting efforts from her side, so I thought of giving her silent treatment. After 10 days she called her parents and said she doesn't want to stay with me.

With next 10 days with the help from her parents she was out of my house and living with her unmarried​ friend.

Again enjoying a life of no responsibility and no tension. I begged for 6 months from the day she informed her parents when we were together.

Now she wants divorce, reason, I smothered her life and she wants to live her life happily and marring me was the biggest mistake of her life.

Here's the problem, I gave 5 years of my life to this girl, I loved her and cared for her, I guess I was a little possessive but does that mean I don't deserve a second chance.

She just won't listen and her parents support her.

I don't know what to do and they are pressuring​ me to get a mutual divorce or they'll file wrong case against me.

I'm so depressed and my whole life has fallen apart, where as she's enjoying her life, flirting,partying and may be dating other guys.

Why is life so unfair for guys, all I asked for was a chance and she couldn't give me that.

At this moment I don't know what I'll do or whats in there for me in the future. I just wish karma gets her and time turns the tide and she falls to ground and feel what me and my family has felt.( We cried, we begged but her response never changed )

Guys please pray for me\U0001f616

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Q. What are some good character traits?One cannot know other people by only physical appearance. One should not be intimate with other people by knowing only a short time.-Those who do not constrain physically and mentally travel the world by pretending as one with constrained mind and body.-It is through living together that a person's virtue may be known,