Why do people get frustrated just before they get married?

Well, most of the time bride gets frustrated because she wants her marriage to be perfect. I mean literally perfect every single thing, every single moment to be perfect.
  Groom gets frustrated because men are always confused well not always. They think that they are not ready for the big step of their life, question themselves are they making any mistakes or not and create a problem but there is always a best man for that kind of situation.
How did string theory begin?

String theory is the culmination of a particularly radical program of physics which has it's roots in the period 1938-1941, when Wheeler formulated the concept of the S-matrix, or scattering matrix, and Heisenberg was very taken with this concept, and proposed that it is the fundamental quantity underlying all relativistic physics.Wheeler's S-matrix is a quantity that

What are basic gym exercises?

Here is the basic exercise plan designed by me for the beginners or for the people who do not know what to do in the gym when they start:-First 3 days of the gym1. Front Lats pull down machine2 sets x 12 reps2. Back Lats pull down machine2 sets x 12 reps3. Bench Press2 sets

Can you go through basic training without joining the military?

On its basic level, the answer is a "NO!"If you want to go through a military basic training, you will be required to join a military branch on some level.On an expanded level, anyone who really wants out of the military will be able to get out.