Why do people get scammed even after knowing the product or thing is not real or fake is it due to marketing techniques that make the consumer believe?

Yes. One of the reasons is marketing.

  • The high trends in marketing like retarget marketing which hits, pushes and follows you with series of advertisements immediately after you search for a product or about something on search engines.
  • Influencer Marketing is the second reason. Because, sometimes it's not just the product we believe but the influencer. So influencers should wisely choose whom to collaborate with whether the product they are collaborating for is genuine or not. Even celebrities were filed cases for misleading and influencing people for fake products or businesses.
  • Lack of awareness: Everybody should clearly analyse that one orange ball among all the green balls. Why is it different? What is it for us being different?

Hope this helps:)

How to become better with my hands

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