Why do people go to bars in foreign countries?

Only after going to the bars in a small town of Slovakia, I realized that the beer is so fucking cheap there in comparison to Germany. I also noticed that the barmaid looked like 14 years old but she had a ring on her finger. She was cute. I noticed that people in Slovakia are more talkative than Germans.

Girls!! I liked slovakian girl. I am sure German girls can not beat them. At least in my eyes.

Now, lets talk about some bars in Budapest. The bar creatures in Budapest know how to drink. And their brandy Pálinka is simply incomparable. And, those drunk and rowdy people how can I describe them. It was a fun. Hungarian people are crazy (in a positive way). Well, one girl was even hitting on me. Unfortunately, we lost each others hand in that big drunk crowd. Poor me! Came back to home at 8 am in the morning. Let me remind you, people were still enjoying after parties. Bar hunting lead to clubbing.

And, let me tell you my story of bar hopping in Prague. I was there with one of my female friends. One glass at one bar. She drank, drank, again drank and continued. My ego did not let me stop competing with her. At one point, I puked in that amazing punk bar. The environment was unique. Czech beers, Yesssss. I am a big fan of them although Germany boast on its beers.

The stories go on. I visit bars in foreign countries to taste different drinks, to scoailize and to live like locals.

"Let's all get drunk."

Have you ever moved because you had a crazy neighbor?

No, but I've had crazy neighbors evicted and have lived satisfied and content until the next crazy neighbors moved in.

How does the body adapt to living with one kidney?

The prior answer is incorrect. Of course, the remaining kidney changes. The process is known as hypertrophy or hyperfiltration. The increased pressure of blood flowing into one kidney causes the blood vessels in the organ to widen and the cells of the organ to swell

What are the pros and cons of being a Project Manager?

Pros and cons of being a PM is you get to steer it (the project) as / like a pilot of an aircraft or captain of a ship.It is a ‘Cons' -when the project fails,you are expected to take the complete blame - as