Why do people go to facilities at an old age home? I am comparing between an old age home and a home.

Once you are unable or struggling to live in your own home or a retirement village due to health reasons, an Aged Care facility can be a good option.

  • Care staff available to help
  • Meals, activities, exercise, new friends
  • Nurse call button
  • Medication is given to you at the right times
  • Family and friends are welcome to visit and to take you for outings.

Many people prefer to stay at home for as long as possible to retain their independence and contact with friends.

A one-touch Skype-based video phone such as the Easy to use Videophone, ideal for older adults - Konnekt Konnekt Videophone designed specifically for seniors can help you either start at home longer or maintain contact with family and friends while you're in a facility.

What are some cardio workout exercise alternatives you can do if you hurt your foot?

I guess it depends on the foot injury. If you can stand still and hold weights, then squats are the best cardio I know.If you need to be off your foot, there are abdominal exercises, leg raises, possibly hamstring workouts, leg adduction/abduction, arm, shoulder, chest, lower back... So pretty much head

What are all the different kinds of deadlifts people do?

The regular deadlift, builds strength similar to the squat. In that it is a full body compound exercise. It hits most of your muscles, directly or indirectly. The partial deadlift, best performed from 2 or 3 inches below your knees. This may be done to decrease stress, either because of a pre existing injury or because your

Will I be alienated if I join the U.S. Marine Corps at 28 years old?

Unlike all the other answers here, I was actually just over 29 when I joined the Marine Corps, so I think I can answer this better than most.The answer is yes you will feel alienated. However it won't be as drastic nor as severe as a few assume. Yet it'll be something you'll