Why do people go to gyms?

Reasons Why I Go to the Gym...
1. Guilt-free donut eating
2. I don't want to get super skinny, I just want to get skinny enough that people will stop trying to sell me It Works! & body wraps...I get it I'm a little chubster & I gave birth to a literal Giant so I totally fit the target customers but here's the thing I've always been a little chubster & I own it (comes w/ perks, I'm hella clumsy & I'm not about to complain about the extra cushion when I run in to walls & trip) & although I love seeing people's entrepreneurial spirit I would rather spend my money on pretty much anything else.
3. There are TVs hooked up to every damn machine! That means I have the ability to watch any show I want to uninterrupted... If you don't understand the significance of that, try having a kid. SpongeBob can suck it, I'm going to enjoy my 60 minutes of Criminal Minds w/o any whining kids or husbands asking me what's for dinner...legs might be sore by the end of it but it's totally worth it... I'm doing this for you Shemar Moore ;)
4. There's a sauna... You sit in there for 30 minutes & burn 400 calories... That's 2 donuts my friends, right there ;)
5. Every time I go to the doctor's for a check-up they ask me "How often do you exercise in a week?"... Might be nice not to have to lie ;) ...I'm pretty sure the Doc is onto me anyways :p

Does rice have a lot of calories?

Rice has been part of an Indian meal for a very long time. It is only recently that people started wondering if it is more healthy to eat!! There is a growing fitness concern on the nutritional value of

Do pushups reduce expected height?

Nope. No form of exercises won't stunt your growth. It is a myth. In fact exercising only increases your HGH and promotes more growth. It creates new neurological patterns in your brain making your mind and body more active. Height is entirely based on your genetics and you can't do anything about it. Exercising with bad form