Why do people in New York City always honk more?

We do honk a lot. I drive, and I honk.

Drivers in NYC all think "I'm stuck in traffic," but in truth, we *are* the traffic.

Cops used to ticket for honking, but the judges would ask if the cop saw the driver press a hand against the horn. The cop almost never did, so most people got off of that ticket. I think the law was taken off the books several years ago.

Honking is done for various reasons. If the person ahead of you at the red light doesn't go within 2 seconds of the light turning green, you honk. Okay, maybe half a second.

When pedestrians jaywalk while looking at their phones, it's almost a legal requirement to honk at them because they present a danger of crashing. The driver must warn of imminent danger, and honking is the way to do that.

Taxis and Livery cars change lanes without signaling. They hope that the driver into whose Lane they are turning will be nice enough to stop so that the taxi can change lanes. More aggressive drivers ‘stand their ground' and honk at the taxi drivers so they don't change lanes until that car has passed.

When a regular driver of a regular car pulls out of a parking spot or garage into traffic, taxi drivers will speed up and honk in order to intimidate the driver and get ahead of that car.

Motorcycle riders and cyclists have lots of unkind things to say about taxi drivers.

What I find ridiculous is that, when traffic is at a standstill for a full block, a taxi driver way in the back will honk and honk and honk as if that will clear everything up.

As a class, they are the most likely to honk and the least likely to signal their turns. Gotta save those bulbs, you know.

Honk more than whom?

I drive in NYC and through CT to MA, and I don't find that to be true.

Of course, if you are a jerk on your phone at a red light and don't move within a few seconds, a gentle tap will awaken you to the more important thing you are doing: driving in heavy NYC traffic in a +1 ton trajectory.

Pay attention!

They always in rush :)

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