Why do people keep saying 'everything will be okay'?

Because, as much as we love to enjoy all-nighters with friends or going on exotics trips around the world, the feeling of being ‘okay' is the one we desire the most when we are too hurt or when we are down.

Because in times of crisis, the feeling of peace is the only one worth yearning for.

Because the notion of being ‘okay' is the shining lantern of hope that pulls us out of our deepest miseries.

Because we are lost in this abyss, looking for meanings in our lives, just looking for an end, for everything to be okay.

Because, ‘everything will be okay' is the one thing that we have always wanted to be true.

Because we believe that if we keep saying that, it just might turn out to be true.

Because, in the end, all we want is to be okay.

Well, there's a good fifty-fifty chance that everything WILL be okay. And, since there is that chance, it feels much better to say everything will be okay, rather than to have to face up to the fact that you, your friends, family, and all of your loved ones are going to hell in a hand basket.

In all seriousness, though, I know there are moments when life can look pretty darn bleak, but the next time you're struggling through a rough patch just take a little time-out to give yourself some words of positive encouragement. It can never hurt, and may make all the difference in shifting your perspective for the better. How does that Yogi Berra saying go... "baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical"? Well, substitute ‘success in life' in place of ‘baseball', and that's pretty much how to win at this game called LIFE.

Because it does get okay eventually.

No problem​ is permanent. It's always temporary. Either you'll it will end, you'll solve it or you'll learn to deal with it. So it will always be okay. Sometimes we get into situations and our lives become hard, it's because they're new to us and it will take us time to adapt. But eventually you'll be okay.

To feel good an tricking your mind into believing that it is going to be okay, you slowly start to relax. And when you have a relaxed mind you can actually think from all possible angles and all possible solutions.

When we say this to another person, it is more often to comfort them because during crisis time this assurance is the most required and trust me it works wonders. The other person actually gets a boost and is able to pick up his broken pieces once again.

Just a little bit of humanity and making someone's day and little better.

No matter what happens, as time goes on you will eventually develop a "new normal". When that "new normal" happens (sometimes very gradually) you will find in that new normal everything will be okay. - different but OK. This happened to me a number of times... the death of my parents and other family matters, moving, being abandoned by friends, and (as I am going through now) divorce.

I have to keep reminding my self (sometimes several times a day) that I am strong, and everything will be OK as things work themselves out once I develop a new normal.

the offering of hope, even if it's obviously impossible.  Medics do the same thing.  they can come upn a soldier just moments from death and say "You're going to be fine."

Bobby Goren's maxim is "Everybody lies, all the time."

To comfort & reassure the people they're saying it to, because quite often things turn out OK.

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