Why do people keep telling me that I am bad at workout (gym)?

2 possibilities.

  1. Your technique sucks. In which case, you are going to hurt yourself sooner or later.
    Find someone to instruct you if that is the case.
    Also, if you are playing around with obviously to light weights, ok, it is not reason enough to call you bad, it is just a mistake.
    But it may be kind of futile.
  2. The people mentioned are just insecure a*holes trying to put a beginner down to feel somewhat better about them selves.
    Don't be put off by these people.
    Feeling sorry for them is optional.
    Every pro was once a beginner and proficiency in any field has largely to do with time spent doing it.
    Put the time in, in a smart and tested workout programme designed for you if possible, work on your nutrition, rest, repeat and that is it.

    And what does being good at the workout even mean in a gym.
    As long as you are making progress compared to YOU yesterday, you are gold.
    Patience, decisiveness and determination is all you need, no nay sayers.
    Ignore them.

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