Why do people like to feel afraid?

Many people do not like to feel afraid. The one's who do like it have varying reasons. In some cases, it might be that they get an adrenaline rush (for example when riding a roller coaster or engaging in risky behavior). In other cases, it might be because fear will tend to prevent them from making an effort to succeed, and they have conflicting feelings about success vs failure. If they are frozen by fear then at least they have not made an effort to do something challenging or new and that way they will not fail. In other cases, they may have been raised in an atmosphere of fear and therefore feel comfortable with that emotion. And of course, there are other reasons too.

I'm not a expert or a psychologist, but I'm pretty sure that it relates to andrenline and thrill seeking. If the person can control the source of the fear (say, they can choose to ride a big rollercoaster or jump out of a plane w a parachute) it can be something that is liked.

Some people just like the thrill that occurs when they're scared; it's why the horror genre exists I think- it's a controlled fear source that gives the rush without a actual threat of being hurt. And even when there is a bit of a threat, like with skydiving, there was still a choice to do it AND there is a safety mechanism.

TLDR: people like the thrill of being scared, but most only like this when they have some control of the source of the fear.

It's an adrenaline rush when you feel afraid. Your body is fighting every instinct to stop going and get away.

Your body is always ready to fight or flee. Fear increases dopamine and endorphin levels which are feel good chemicals and give you like a natural high.

Its like being in a haunted house, you wanna get away but the rush or high you're getting feels good so you want to stay. Fight or flight?

It feels good to be scared, weird isn't it? But it does.

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