Why do people stare at girls riding bikes?

Guys enjoy checking out women as if it was their hobby; bikes are optional; as if it was the manly thing to do. Some are discrete, others not so much, as if they are still living in the stone ages!

Some women like it, as if it was their fashion statement that was getting looked over, but its usually not, it's mostly them!

Studies have shown that men should be given the benefit of the doubt, looking for a perspective female partner, but just because most of the time they were already with somebody else was never really factored into the study.

Oh yeah, that was my study, but I'm fairly sure it's a common phenomena! Hey it was purely a social research project from my younger days, so that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Most guys are probably looking for some kind of acknowledgment or level of interest, and many may genuinely be looking for a perspective female partner, however, it is so much easier being on the receiving end and having a women showing interest in you. That really takes out the guess work!

About 93% of our communication is non-verbal; 7% conveyed through words, 38% though vocal elements like pitch, and 55% through facial expressions and body language.

So how do you take this look by the way? She's really in to me right?

How to learn anything

Repetition, repetition and repetition. If you read something once you will forget it later. But the more you read it, the more you will remember it, because your mind will think:

Why do narcissists become high school teachers?

I don't know if there are more or less narcissists in the school system than among the general populous. However, as a teacher and *trying* to put myself into the mindset of a narcissist as I understand it, I can tell you some things that could attract

What are the food and suppliments to gain six pack abs within one month?

First of all check your body fat percentage, where it lies, if its over 15–20% then i don't want to hinder your passion but forgot the one month journey to get 6 pack abs.So my recommendation is to be patient: The key to