Why do people stare at interracial couples?

Most of the time I think its because we are an attractive couple and people either see that and send positive thoughts. Or maybe someone thinks one of us is attractive and the other is not so they think in correlation to that.Like How did she get him. or how did he get her. Then they think well if its not the looks what does he have that she wants... Must be the sex, or money, or personality. lol

Depends on the person. Some are positive reasons some are negative..

*maybe your an attractive couple and they look and they think "I see why they are together they look great and are happy" / others could be jealous and think why cant I get someone like that...

*maybe they are racist and dont approve of the combo

The best example I can give is this... When I see a gay couple I stare and admire their bravery to be open and free. Its admirable... Sometimes I think "damn what a shame he plays for the other team, hes so attractive,or ill think "i never would have guessed he was gay" or Il think "awe they are so cute" or if i see a coupe that is just attention seeking for negativity by the way they are acting (very defensive and in your face im gay and want everyone to know and they love negative attention just as much as positive attention. I cant stand people like that in general but now youre giving me a target to think poorly of you. So Ill think they are an ugly couple by the way they carry themselves and they are unattractive.... So you see it all depends on how you carry yourself.... So if you are generally happy it exudes confidence and positive opinions.. if you fight with your partner in public and dont take care of each other then you look negative.

How come some parents won't let their daughter have a relationship?

Parents believe that this sort of control will help their children grow up to be healthy and well adjusted. The problem is, being controlling doesn't always work. Girls who aren't allowed to have a relationship will resort to casual sex.Also the controlling of the parenting leads those kids to seek out controlling and often abusive relationships.

What exercise besides pull-ups helps build back muscles?

Creating width is the mos essential aspect in bulding a classic and impressive physiqueI see many of my clients with great structure, great chest, arms, legs and delts but mos of them if not all lacking width and density in their back.If your back is wide

What is the best ski resort for snowboarding in Utah?

Snowbird.  Snowboarders love powder and there's no place like the 'Bird for snowboarding powder, deep and light snow.   Spend a couple of days at Snowbird during one of the frequent big dumps, and you will leave a changed person.   It's that good.   Snowbird has bowls, chutes, cliffs, trees, and groomers.  It's