Why do refugees want to go to north europe?

Simple answer the northern European states are more prosperous than the southern states.  Look at Germany every migrant who speaks utters the word 'Germany' because they know it is an economic powerhouse and despite its Nazi and Communist past Germany appears to be a very tolerant society.
Look at its soccer team, Germans of all ethnicities proud to play for their country who won the World Cup in Brazil.
Plus another reason the migrants are heading for northern Europe but more prominently Germany is Merkle saying Germany could handle 800,000 migrants hence all these people wanting to go there.
What were your impressions of visiting Oman?

hey,I just came bock from Oman a few weeks ago and had a blast. We've been on a road trip from Muscat all the way down to Salalah and I can't recommend it enough. Beautiful nature, amazing, friendly and super hospitable people, great food. What more can you ask

Why is Australia more conservative than New Zealand?

Socially more conservative? As in here in NZ we have legalised gay marriage and stuff ? If that is your question, look up a similar question here earlier on Quora :Is New Zealand a significantly more progressive country than Australia?The top answer is well written.

Do you think Indians waste a lot of money unnecessarily on buying iPhones?

If people considered spending money on premium items a waste of money then there would be no luxury brands present today.It depends on what you like and you don't. Everybody has different preferences. To some spending on a luxury car is a waste of money.. To