Why do some people get cold easily while other people get hot easily?

Fat - The amount of fat on my body makes a big difference. Over the past year or two I have lost 20 pounds. This was a significant weight loss for me. I weighed 158 at the beginning. Weighing 138 - I FREEZE. When I weighed 158, I stayed hot most of the time.

Physical Activity - Another factor is of course how much I'm moving. If I am sitting still watching a movie, I will need a blanket. If I'm vacuuming the house, I get a little warm.

Age - Your skin becomes thinner as you age. There is a decrease in circulation as the walls of the blood vessels lose their elasticity and the thinning of the fat layer under the skin that helps conserve body heat. And as people age, their metabolic responses to the cold may be slower. Vasoreceptors, for example, may not be as quick to direct blood vessels to constrict to keep the body temperature up. See this article: Why Do I Feel Colder as I Get Older?

What is the work of nurses?

Where do I begin?I've only worked two types of job as a nurse. I worked in a government hospital for 6 years, and as a home health nurse for 3 years.For a hospital nurse, the work varies from area to area.

How can a 240lb female lose weight, cardio or weightlifting?

Regardless of what your current weight is, cardio and weightlifting are almost irreverent when compared to the other end of the spectrum. What do you think that ‘other end' entails? It is simple, probably a lot simpler than you could

I turned my app idea into an interactive prototype using prototyping software. Now it needs to be developed. How do I know how much money I will need?

Hate to start answers with the following line, but... there is no simple answer to this question. If you want to turn your idea into an app, there's much more to it than just the development stage. It is a complex task and