Why do some people still claim breakfast is the most important meal of the day, while others have had great success at intermittent fasting, by totally skipping breakfast?

Labels , and created by an imperfect society. Intermittent fasting , I currently am on my 5th day of intermittent fasting , I have been a competitive bodybuilder for several years and thought I'd try something new . What is the reason one intermittent fasts ? I have ideas but I needed to work with it to accomplish my goals , personal goals . Eating no matter when you do it will affect your body , what you eat will either support your goal or be detrimental, scheduling your eating is all intermittent fasting is , if I work nights might so called breakfast might be at 4pm , that being said , forget the labels , eat to obtain your goals and if intermittent fasting helps you obtain those goals then that is what matters .

Which one should I learn first: C or C++?

I've programmed a lot with both C and C++. I'm going to tell you something shocking (compared to the other answers, anyway):Don't learn C before C++.C++ has diverged so far from C, that learning C first won't gain you much of anything, and there will be lots of things

Which exercises are most commonly performed wrongly in the gym?

Back Exercises.People do not understand that you have to activate your back muscles and isolate your arms. Most people are actually working their arms and only minimally their backs.If you

Are there any celebrities who are not characterless, and can be role models for Indian youth, who are some people who never had any extramarital affairs, or illegitimate premarital relationships unlike most Bollywood celebrities?

Define ‘character'. What makes you think the Bollywood celebrities characterless?Is it because some of them are accused of intimate partner violence?Is it because some of them are convicted of accessory to terrorism?Is it because some of them are guilty of sexual assault?Is it because