Why do some younger men like older women?

It depends on the person, but some potential benefits include:

  1. They are more mature, so typically there is less drama. There is more focus on what's important in the long run, rather than small stuff that won't matter later.
  2. An older woman is often less shy about the topic of sex, and will often be more assertive. She's less likely to play shy and hopes the guy figures it out. She is more likely to offer herself to her man, or even initiate sexual relations when she wants sex. So less guessing on whether she wants sex or not.
  3. Related to that, sexually, she is more experienced and knows what she wants and likes. A guy doesn't have to do a lot of guessing, because she will tell him what turns her on and what she wants. She also will be more experienced in pleasing a man and turning him on.
  4. If she is past menopause, there is no risk of pregnancy, so no need for birth control, and there are no periods to interrupt things. If she isn't past menopause, she will be experienced in birth control and know whether she wants (more) kids or not.
  5. She often will have a better understanding of what makes a relationship work, having experienced a few herself. She can use this knowledge to guide the relationship in the right direction.
  6. Some women look great when young, but then don't look as hot when older (usually because they didn't take care of themselves). With an older woman, you already know what she is going to look like when she is older... because she is already older.
  7. In some cases, an older woman can provide financial stability, but not always. Depends on their personal situation, and what you consider "older." If you think someone in their 40's is older, then they probably have a career. If you think someone in their 60's is older, then they are more likely to need financial assistance.
  8. And, overall, it reduces the pressure on the man. An older woman often knows how to make a man feel at ease, and knows how to relax him. And an older woman will often tell her man (verbally or non verbally) what she wants, meaning he doesn't have to think as much and doesn't have to guess. He can focus on making her happy, rather than trying to guess what might make her happy.

The actual benefits and disadvantages will vary by person, obviously, but these are a list of potential benefits.

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