Why do we need kids?

I had alluded to this in another answer: Kyle D Cole's answer to What worries you most as a parent?

But, I will reiterate the finer points here...I need them to fix the crap that we've done to this generation. I want my boys to be good men who make people want to be better people. Borrowing from that other thread: "I want them to elect or become a better president than any I've ever had. I want them to love the broken. I want them to care for God's people. I want them to treat women as the equals that they are. I want them to celebrate diversity and differences. I want them to be good husbands and great dads. I want them to be good, godly men that make other men strive to be good men. As much as ‘one rotten apple spoils the entire barrel', so one man who stands for truth can inspire others to do the same. One-by-one, we will have a better tomorrow, starting with them."

That's why we need kids...

Why is Data Science is considered a Science?

First I'd like to add definition of science here:"The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment"And what we do in the organization is exactly same what I stated above. Data

What are the mind blowing facts about planet 9?

These may not be mindblowing but this is the best i could salvage from google and other sources.

How would the evolution process differ on Titan if life exists there?

The evolution process would differ only if life on Titan was radically different from life on earth. By