Why do we shower before and after swimming?

Before getting into the pool you are advised to shower so as to remove any dirt,secretory oils,traces of sweat, hair etc. Keep in mind that it doesn't remove microorganisms which is why pools have to be chlorinated or ozonated.But absence of solid dirt makes maintaining the cleanliness of the pool easy.
Once you are out of the pool, residual salts from the bleaching agent may cause dryness and irritation and in some severe cases, flakiness and other skin allergies, which is why you're advised to shower after getting out of the pool.
A hot air balloon will float on the same place due to the inertia Earth's rotation gives it. Does it mean that to launch a satellite to the geostationary orbit we just have to launch it straight up?

A hot air balloon stays in the same place because of it's own inertia. Although it may have gotten it's inertia from contact with the earth or the air, that is not the way I would think of it.As soon as your rocket leaves the

If I stop exercising, but start eating right (no binging), will I lose weight?

Most people think jumping into an exercise program head first will get them a six pack, and then continue to eat whatever they want. Then they wonder why the weight isn't coming off and exercise isn't working. The answer to your question: YES. You can lose weight without exercising, provided your

How does body building work?

Bodybuilding isn't just a hobby; it's a necessity, profession and passion for many people out there. If you want to gain muscles at a quicker rate, spending hours together in the gym alone can't help you out. It's time to introduce supplements into your diet.  Body building supplement