Why do western societies generally not accept burka culture?

This is my take on it.

Wearing burqa (and niqab) means that it is impossible to see your facial expression. And facial expression is an important part of the way we humans communicate. This is why skype gives you more the just phoning. When you put on burqa and niqab you are signaling to the outside world in a western context that you want to access this world but you are not willing to give the rest of us the basic curtesy of giving us the most basic communication channel that the face is. If you are coming towards me I no longer can tell if I am to turn left or right of you.

Wearing a burqa or a niqab is communication in it self. You might think that it says "I am a very religious person". Many if not much westerners would think it says "I am a woman who is allowed no will of my own". I hear it say "LOOK AT ME, I do not want to have anything to do with you." (Yes wearing so very different clothing is paramount to telling people to look at you.)

The burqa says clearly that if Muslim men see so much as an ankle, wrist, face, or hair of a woman, he must take her violently and must be excused if he does so for the woman clearly exposed herself to him.

Western civilization says a man must discipline his behavior and sex drive in a way which respects women. Indeed we are taught to idealize the virtue of women. There can be no respecting a man who does otherwise. This may account for rapists being subject to natural justice in our prisons.

If Muslim women wear burqas I think we should respect their wish. It is they only way to protect thrn from Muslim men who have no civilized restraint when confronted with an uncovered woman. Muslim rapist gangs in Western countries are quite explicit about this culture. It may be time to review immigration of Muslims to Western countries.

First : they are not used to it

Second : the media related terrorism with Islam with burka

the same as in the middle east we are not used to mini skirts and people have bad image about a woman with mini skirt .

its a normal human thinking to have an image and judge others from what they are wearing , its not right but its a fact.

Because we want to see your face.

We also think that there are hierarchies that are dictating what you wear, which is limiting your freedom to show your face: religious, patriarchal and family hierarchies. We don't believe in restricting freedoms for no good reason. Many of us have heard that the least important reason is religion, as apparently Islam doesn't specify any need for burkas or even hijabs.

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