Do you think you're a failure?

Depends on the readers' opinion! Yes, Maybe No!!

Let's find out ...

You may not find anything attractive in my life story. Just an ordinary guy from a remote village. This might prove helpful, to a niche of lower middle class struggling professionals like me.

My own reflection:

  • 1. Average student all through my academic journey
  • 2. No special degrees like Engineering, Diploma, Computer Graduate as such
  • 3. Below average skills (communication, no vocational training, no coaching)
  • 4. All people coming from a lower-middle-class family, who is neither deprived of the basic amenities(food, cloth, basic education) can relate to me
  • 5. I am one of them, who neither tops the class nor is the poorest performer
  • 6. Just passed in all classes(though not failed in any subjects)
  • 7. Anyhow passed BA pass course

Below is my list of learnings helping me survive:

  • Had the habit of reading books in my mother language and Hindi from class 6th and 7th
  • Took part in the National Services Scheme(NSS) in my college for 15 days each for two years
  • I was one of the 3 students opted to study in English medium textbooks in my +2
  • Had enrolled me for Typing class back in (1997) for 2 months
  • Choose to appear my BA in English medium textbooks
  • After this enrolled in a Computer PGDCA course, left halfway through
  • Appeared for DOEACC ‘O' level certification, cleared 3 papers out of 4 and left there
  • During this period had joined a Spoken English course from a Tamilian Madam for 3–4 months during 2001
  • All the above incomplete courses were the reason I joined to Network marketing business Amway (ruined/invested good 5 years), an utter flop venture

Fast forward to 2007, got married and moved to Bangalore, India.

My career journey:

  1. Aviva Plc 2008-2010, 2010-2011 Bangalore Contact Centre(3 years)
  2. Flipkart 2012 (2012- 1 month)
  3. Aegis BPO 2012-2014, Bangalore (1.5 years)
  4. Capita Services, Bangalore (2014 - 1 month)
  5. First Advantage GOC, Bangalore (2014-2015 1.5 years)
  6. Ola Cabs, Bangalore (2015- 4 Months)
  7. EY LLP, Bangalore (2015-2017 Nov, 1.5 Years)
  8. Smiley Digi-Tech (2017 Nov-Present)

Now, my current situation. Problems, hundreds, don't know how will I sort out all fronts, debt, family, finance, future. But I am sure, this time(not so good), also will pass.

Someone asks me why are you changing jobs?

  • Needs, to meet with the growing expenses in a city like Bangalore
  • When you are the single source of income, you struggle to diversify your income
  • The salary just suffices your expenses, no expenses and run into debt
  • No one loves to switch stable jobs, just one's situation compels
  • Love work, not the company

Am I honest with my job?

  • Yes, I make sure I make my presence felt, till the time I am serving with my role
  • Teams I have worked in past can testify my honesty and working style

My Biggest Failures? Are they? (My wife always says, I am a failure!)

  • Bought a Desktop when not required 2010
  • Purchased a Mac book in 2012 when not needed
  • Bought a used commercial car to try my luck to generate some additional money (did not work, sold after 2 years)
  • Purchased another Etios 10 months back to run with big cab players, not fruitful again
  • Have spent/lost substantial amount in Crypto Market, recovering now

Struggling to survive my own startup venture. Things are not going as planned. Seriously looking for another source of survival. Let me put it straight, I am not looking for sympathy. If my story inspires even 1 person to stick to one's situations and brings a ray of hope in bad times, all my efforts in opening my own life book will be worth.

Currently what I am doing?

  • Digital Marketing
  • Learning R and Python languages for Data Analysis and Visualisation to implement in the real estate sector
  • I write on Quora
  • I am open to any kind of new learning opportunity and try to different things be it Data Science, IoT, E-Commerce, Drop Shipping to name a few
  • Frustration level is now all-time high, as unable to find a role/job

All set to sail the journey like others in the past I have conquered.

Now honestly my friend, tell me am I a failure? Or a survivor? Or a person fighting to sustain?

Sometimes Quora questions give me the creeps because so often they come within hours or maybe a day after I've had some kind of revelation connected to them. This question, Do You Think You're a Failure, came after just having a recurring dream last night that ended differently for the very first time in my life...

I quit high school in 1965, just 3 months before graduation. When I joined the Army in 1966, I had to take a GED test before I could be admitted. I took it and passed in the upper percentile range. Then before I was discharged from the Army, I discovered that my GED had been misplaced and I opted to take it again because I thought it was really necessary to even get a menial job in the civilian world (not true, of course). So that amounts to virtually 2 high school graduations. Over the years I've taken many college courses, attended The Chicago School of Massage Therapy's year-long course in which I studied human anatomy in great detail, and have read, for pure enjoyment, a number of scholarly books. You would think any residual guilt-hangover I might harbor because of not graduating with my high school class in my home town would have dissipated in light of these accomplishments...

Not. Twice a year, like clockwork, I will have "stress" dreams about being in high school, unable to find my locker, my books, my homework, the classroom, etc. Or, I'll have a dream where I re-enroll in my hometown high school as an adult and start out as a freshman, but each subsequent year, I fall further and further behind in my studies until I know that there is no way I will pass my senior year and graduate with the rest of my class. The anguish of failure is palpable and sticks to my insides for all of the following day after waking up. But last night...

I had my usual dream. I was fumble-fucking around as usual, missing my classes, arriving late, completely missing whole classes in a particular subject, I think economics, and finally, in utter defeat, I called into the principal of the school and told them to count me out. But, the next day, I apparently had forgotten that I had quit, and I walked into the school ready for class but with a dark cloud of dread hanging over my head when the principal stopped me in the hall and said, "What are you doing here? You've graduated already. You don't have to come back here any more."

I couldn't believe it in the dream and I don't believe it now. Does this mean I've finally "succeeded" and am no longer a failure? Does this mean I'll never have that awful stressful dream ever again-the dream I've been having for almost 50 years? Why was I passed even though I quit? Is there a hidden message here that has to do with success and failure? I don't know. It only happened last night and I need time to process this. But for the time being my answer is a qualified No.

Yes I consider myself a failure

If anyone has not achieved what he wanted them he is a failure

I aspired to become an iitian started off well and was soon tipped as a potential iitian but due to several reasons I failed miserably my rank in coaching dropped from 6 to 128 and in Allen (reputed coaching in Kota) test series from 38 to over 1500

And I am here writing this before my exams so you can understand the extent of my failure lastly its Okey to fail what not Okey is not standing up

Yes, but I am not sure why. I have graduated from high school and have two college degrees. I did well enough in school. I have raised children and remained married to the same man my entire adult life. We owned a business which I devoted a tremendous amount of time and energy to, but after 15 years the physical toll of it was tremendous and we sold it at a large loss. At that point I insisted we move as being anywhere near my former business broke my heart.

I'm well read and have a good vocabulary. I'm not a genius by any stretch but I can't imagine anyone who took the time to talk with me would find me stupid. I'm capable of learning most anything with some work, and some stuff effortlessly.

We have I suppose external trappings of success. We can usually afford what we want. We own two homes and multiple vehicles. I don't care, other than I need a place to live and I want it like I like it to be. We have pets. We vacation. It's whatever.

Financially, I guess I'm successful enough. I have been an RN for 20 plus years. I make what I guess around here is a considered good money and enjoy good benefits. Our income is probably 3 to 4 times the average here, but the average is not good. Regardless we do not suffer in that respect.

However I have a deep sense of emptiness and longing that I don't understand. I've tried to fill it with art and crafts, which is successful to some degree, as I'm an excellent artist. I've tried to fill it with alcohol, drugs, hobbies, church, family, whatever. For awhile it was redoing antiques. I made noise about returning to get my master's degree, in the hopes it would make me feel worthwhile, but why bother?

I'm a massive failure at being thin, I've gained quite a bit of weight and can't seem to lose it.

I often dream and wonder if I could do it again...what would I change? Everything, but the idea of living it all again is painful. I am ready for it to be done. I would have liked to done more things, I wish I could have seen Europe. It's probably silly to be in my forties talking like that.

I keep hoping the antidepressant will help me not feel like a failure but maybe its just the way everyone feels idk

Yes, i do consider myself a failure at this point of life because there are many things out there that i should do and that i can do but i still sit quietly watching everything as it goes on and doesn't act up. I am no where near to perfect and knowing that i should improvise i still fail to do anything about it because of the fear of failing and fear of loosing who i am right now. I consider myself a failure because i haven't tried any new things or ways to fulfill my dreams and when I don't get the things i want i put blame on fate and others instead of blaming myself for not trying harder, I consider myself a failure because i have not done many things that a child should for her parents, i haven't fulfilled many duties as a family member that i should have, a failure because i have not yet been able to be an inspiration to the people out there who are disappointed with their own life and doubt their existence, a failure because i am not yet an inspiring example for my own self, a failure cause i have hurt many people and their feelings and left many too but that doesn't mean i am useless. I have been falling but i am still trying to get upon my own and unless i can i wont stop.

I assume you have failed at a certain thing and you think it would have greater impact on something or may be you are doubtful about your actions but remember unless and until you don't fail you wont know where your mistakes and weakness lies, you won't know that there are things which may be right for you but not for others and every time what we think can not always be right, so keep on improvising and when you will be truly satisfied with your life and your actions you will be successful in true sense. Failure is a small temporary thing if you know what to take out of it and how to improvise the things. Don't discourage yourself, learn more and keep on making everything right till you can :)

Not at All....

I have experienced failure during different trials in my life....The pain was considerable...but temporary..

Do you know why the pain of failure was temporary???.....

The answer is because Failure is temporary....Until we decide to make it permanent...

How many of the inductees to the Baseball Hall of Fame failed to hit the ball as many times as they succeeded??? ...ANSWER: ALL OF THEM...

What if they would have stopped swinging because of that???...Would anyone know their names???...NOPE!

Its not how many times this life knocks you down that counts...its how many times you get up...

And then there's Meteorologists...Those people are total failures...the stuff above doesn't apply to them : )

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