Why do you decide to live your life?


I have never stopped choosing to live. I have, however, did choose to put it on the back burner, living without experiencing.

Recently I have come out of an extremely serious depression that I have been in for more years that I can account for. Personally for me, not having to deal with my depression is amazing and has allowed me to excel in what it is that I enjoy doing with my time.

Being here on Quora, is something that I have taken seriously and I quite enjoy very much to interact with others. The reasons that I have chosen to continue living my life, although the times; Over and over again that I wanted to just collapse upon myself. Implode into nothingness.

I have chosen to live because I am able to love my life and those that I have and will continue to have in my life.

Veni. Vidi. Vici.

Thank you.

The one deciding to live life or not, is a product of life itself.

How can it ask the question?

Life came first, the deciding one came next.

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