Why do you hate Narendra Modi?

Though I really hate him but I will still try to be unbiased here and give you 5 reasons.

  • Corruption

Govt in last 3–4 years have really taken some very good steps to curb corruption. I have no valid data to support this but Aadhar like, making many procedures online, GST, Demonetisation(though it was a blunder and converted black money into white) really have a great impact. New amendments in company law make restrictions for cash payments. Ask any businessman about his earnings ( black money), he will surely tell you about how it is very difficult for them to conceal tax.

But our dear Modiji has introduced some more amendments in Company Law and Income tax. Now you can form a company earn profits and donate the whole profit to political parties. Earlier there was a cap of 7% of profit which could be donated to political parties. You won't be questioned if you make donations through electoral bonds, moreover no one will ever get to know who donated how much.

They didn't stop here and made a rule that their foreign funding will not be questioned. He is the same guy whose party accused Kejriwal for receiving funds from unknown foreign sources.

They also claim that there are no corruption charges against them in 4 years but reluctant to tell the cost of rafale deal, Reliance, Paytm openly using Modi's name( Basically I don't see any problem in it as it is only going to be good for the country but can you imagine other companies doing the same? No!). There are open proofs of corruption done by Jai Shah, son of Amit Shah( you can download and check his company's financial statements from MCA21 website.)

  • Rapes

Recently in an interview ( scripted) Mr. Modi ask people to not connect rapes with politics. He is the same guy who asked people to vote in the name of Nirbhaya. He has MPs and MLAs in his Govt who are accused of raping a girl. Even his party workers went on to support rapists with National Flag in their hands. Can it be more stupid? No. Even they promoted them.

  • Religious Intolerance

You can argue whether it's true or not but it is really true and going to cost us very soon. BJP have spokespersons like Sambit Patra who openly trolls other participants in a debate. He openly uses religion as a excuse whenever he gets out of ways to defend his party. I personally have no problem in shouting Jai Shree Ram. Even I worship him daily. But should I go and ask Muslims to shout the same and label them anti- Nationals if they don't? You can see people killing each other in the name of tiny( religious) issues and not getting punished by the law. I fully agree that cow should be protected for the sake of Hindu sentiments but why Mr Modi and his party don't go in West Bengal, Kerala or North- Eastern states and say that they will protect cow. And tell me if someone is raping your sister and someone else is killing a cow. Which one you will protect first? Your answer is the level of your mental health.

Also they say that Triple Talaq is oppression of women rights but someone please ask Mr Modiji about the justice he has given to his wife.

  • Arrogance

This is the worst part of this Government. From Mr. Modi to Arun Jaitley and all other leaders are arrogant as hell. I still remember in December 2016, I was in a ATM line for 2–3 hours after visiting 10–12 ATMs for withdrawing my own money which I was not able to get in last few days and when I reached home, Mr. Arun Jaitley was claiming that there are no long queues now. There is no data regarding any deaths caused due to Demonetisation and they used Indian Army as an excuse. He even said that Middle class should take care of themselves in his budget speech. Mr. Modi will throw anything which comes into his mouth without giving a second thought. 56 Inch, giving funds to Bihar( yet to give) in auction style etc. And if you ask them any questions about their work, they will just reply by saying, " Nehru, Rajeev or Indira didn't do anything for the country", basically blaming Yester-years leaders for their inefficiency. Somebody please tell him that he got power after 60 years of Congress rule but Nehru got power after 400 years of oppression by the British.

  • Problem with history

They have problem with our history. They hate Mughal emporers very much. And this is the reason they keep changing the names of different places. They also have some theories like Tejo Mahal instead of Taj Mahal kind. According to them all the Mughal emporers we're cruel. Okay I agree that Aurangzeb and many others were very cruel. But instead of teaching people about their misdeeds, they want to erase them from history. And they will never accept that Mughals also helped India in becoming culturally very strong. But the bigger problem is that they will never say a word against British regime because they used to work for them. They never were against the British rule in India, they just wanted to throw Muslims out of the country even when our enemy was British Government. They will never accept Gandhi's role in Indian freedom. Shameful! Isn't it?

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