Why do you love the US?

I've traveled to 52 foreign countries and conversationally speak 5 languages. My list of platitudes for the USA is long but I'll just point out that more people want to legally immigrate to the USA than to all other places combined, and now we find out that 22 million have done it illegally so one would wonder why? In a nutshell - opportunity. Opportunity to succeed beyond your wildest expectations and too the opportunity to fail miserably :-} but we give second and third and fourth chances.

Because it's so big. It's faster for me to drive to the middle of Mexico than get out of Texas. Texas is so damn huge I was only able to drive out of state once. Imagine visiting the remaining states?

Russia, Brazil, Australia, and Canada are also huge countries, but they have huge and vast non-populated areas. In the US, pretty much the whole country is populated and habitable.

Has someone ever broken up with you because they wanted to be with someone else?

Yes, absolutely.That's the most common way. The 2nd most common way is because you cheated. The third most common way is that you're so bad for them that they'd rather be alone than be with you.

Which Asian country has the biggest entertainment industry?

There are 4 countries that come to my mind for this question:China: Martial Arts movies, Chinese Dramas, Chinese Anime's, TV shows (game shows).India: Bollywood, Regional film industries Tollywood Kollywood etc etc, Indian Dramas, Even joint production Anime (with Japan), Kids cartoon, TV shows (Comedy

Why are property tax in NJ so high?

One reason is that property taxes are the primary way that schools and other municipal services are funded. Due to local political tradition there are a lot of small municipalities which would either be unincorporated areas in other states or would have been part of larger town. New Jersey, at least in middle class and