Why do you work out?

Here's something that hasn't come up yet - confidence.

Nope, not appearance-based, attractiveness-related confidence usually associated with fitness, but the one that defines how I behave on daily basis and the decisions I make. Let me tell you a story...

I was quite physically weak as a child, but, due to a mix of stubbornness and curiosity, picked up quite a few sports in my early teens - basketball, snowboarding, dancing. Of course I sucked at them at the start, sometimes for years on end (!), but time and resilience worked their magic. The side effect was the realisation that I'm able to achieve what I myself previously deemed impossible. It was quite a revelation - I managed to develop what is now known as 'growth mindset'.

What is the hardest you've ever worked at in your entire life?

Being a butcher at Christmas is about as hard as working can get. Long days, stressed out customers, more people who have no idea what they want than usual, it all creates the perfect storm for a complete breakdown.It's physically hard, but not so mentally hard as once you've learned how to cut

Does fasting/intermittent fasting help depression or anxiety?

I am a chronic depression sufferer that recently tried fasting for 4 days.( Update ) Here is an update on how fasting has been helping me: 5 WAYS FASTING FOR DEPRESSION HAS HELPED MY MENTAL HEALTHI have to say the results changed my life.I have a blog

Is being a data scientist boring?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For people that don't like data or coding or complex tech it is surely boring and likely overwhelming. People that can't handle a blank sheet well will feel tremendously pressured when starting some data science related work.But for those that