Why does being poor makes it difficult to be happy?

It is not always the case. It is all in the mental capacity of individuals. Since humans are social creatures there is a natural tendency to compare or be compared. People who try to mingle and try to ape a rich persons life style without having the wherewithal tend to become sad. It makes them aware of their lack of wealth among the elite. But poor people among there own kind does not feel any difference and they get by without much fuss. People who are poor but has the mental strength and maturity to accept for what they are and live their life according to their resources without getting tempted to the unwanted luxuries can still enjoy their life and not give a damn about how others live or think about them can never be sad. It is difficult in modern times but it can be done.

Are turtles colour blind?

Turtles are not color blind, but can in fact see one extra color, which humans cannot sense. The color is commonly referred to as

What is e-coli bacteria and where it is found?

E.coli the veryname indicates that it lives in the intestine of human being and other warm blooded animalsIt is a gramnegative bacterium .It is facultatuve anerobe.That is it lives in aerobic and non aerobic condition.They are mostl strains are harmless But some cause diarrhea.urinary tract infection repirotary illness and pneumoniaUsually transmitted through under