Why does it feel like I don't know anything?

Oh my dear, it sounds like you are an artist of some kind, or a person who is more geared toward working creatively than with working with maths and sciences. That you do so well remembering music perhaps is because that is closer to where your skill lies.  It's not uncommon for a creative person to do poorly in academic pursuits. And the fact that your intellectual skills seem to be deteriorating may well be that your other skills are developing and may in fact lead you in a different direction.

I'll give you by example my brother, who was a C student at best, he just wasn't suited to the general ed requirements, often failed exams. But at the age of 14, my parents got him a set of drums, and he was like a prodigy, he was a natural. He's ended up working in the entertainment industry and has done very well for himself - while not a musician, he became a craftsman working behind the scenes. The judgments agains him when he was your age were that he wasn't applying himself, he wasn't trying, that he was stupid and would never amount to anything. Harsh words of judgment against a child. But he found his groove, he just didn't fit into that other world. 

So, what I am suggesting is that you not worry so much about the grades, just do the best you can and get some help if you need it, peer tutors, and working with other students may be a benefit to you. But I'd also suggest asking yourself what else you might like to do, any other things you have an interest in and see if you can find an interest there.

Sometimes the sense of defeat is what causes the deterioration, and you can become your own worst enemy. Not to worry now, just do the best you can, and get some help to get through your studies - there's no person on earth who didn't need a little help once in awhile, so don't be afraid to admit you have a problem, and ask for help.

I am not talking about anybody else, but I personally feel kind of dumb.

You cannot be perfect in everything, every individual has there own interests.

Everybody cannot be good in studies, or good in general knowledge, or in sports, or in emotions, or anything.

But atleast everybody should have some basic knowledge about everything.

Let's just say, if I am taking example of cooking, that doesn't mean I want you to become Sanjeev Kapoor, but atleast you should know basics about cooking, so that you can cook for yourself or anybody else.

You can relate the situation with sports, novels, news, general knowledge, studies, music, etc.

"I don't practice 5000 moves one time instead I practice that 1 move 5000 time's " -Bruce Lee

It's not applicable in every Field, maybe it may happen while fighting, but here we are talking about overall traits remember.:)

Before writing the answer to this question I googled this

psychology behind why does one feels like not knowing anything

believe me I couldn't find anything relevant to write this answer but what I realised is I have the same feeling. I don't know enough to write this answer (and certainly its not true)  and it happens most of the time whenever I try to write an answer it feels like I don't know anything about this and how come these people write so much of creative answers then I found this answer logical enough(I think).

my experience: to get over this feeling, read a lot and most of the time believe in yourself and connect the dots.

Everyone knows something. Your uniqueness allows you to see things from a different perspective than other people. You may not be aware of it, but you can contribute to someone's life. You may not possess a wide range of skills needed for business, but on the other hand your communication skills may prevent a person from jumping off a building.

Do not let the external influences make you think less of yourself. We all have different paths in this life. My road may not be the same as yours, but I am certainly not better than you in any possible way.

What you can do to make yourself feel more peaceful and confident is learn something new, something that could help others (e.g. First aid) or anything else for that matter.

I wish you lots of luck!

Let me ask you something, Do we really need to know anything?

Why do we need to know? Do we really use all the information that we've learnt since birth.

What we really need is the skill. Knowledge is merely a choice. Let's say, there is one person who could work with any tool on reading its manual and there's another person who knows only to work with hammer. Who is better?

Get a skill and improve on it. Nowadays companies don't see marks to hire people, they see the things you've done in college beyond academics and they give more importance to that. So start doing something and develop a skill and work on it. If you get a doubt, just google it. Google will provide all the knowledge you want and whenever you want, you just need to understand how to work with it.

If you want something you'll get it, just believe in yourself and Be positive always.
All the best for your bright future..!!

Simple, either you are very deep into a subject & keep discovering new things everyday that baffle you. That is how everything is.


You are so new to a subject that anything deep sounds odd.

Categorize which class you fall under & take corrective action i.e learn more & more

It is a gift to feel ignorant in an age where people who learn a smattering of a subject start calling themselves experts..

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