Why does it take so long to gain results from working out when it only takes a short amount of time to lose them?

Because evolutionary speaking it is not efficient to carry all that muscle if you don't need it. Muscle burns energy, fat stores it(simplistic explanation, I know). Anyway, your body was designed to survive in the worst situations, starvation. As soon as you tell your body that you don't "need" the muscle, i.e. stop exercising, your body very quickly cannibalizes that muscle down to your minimum requirements in order to conserve energy. Trust me, you wouldn't want it any other way, just in case you find yourself stranded somewhere without food(energy).

Want to be bigger and stronger and stay bigger and stronger then never tell your body enough is enough.

Can a 20 year old girl hug a 13 year old boy?

Why not?Assuming that there is nothing sexul in it (he is not of consenting age), there is nothing wrong with a cuddle/hug. We all need it at some stage, whether you be 3 or 83! Certinaly my (now late) father became very tactile when he was in his

How do bodybuilders build so much muscle?

Proper training followed by varied balanced diet with balanced protein, carbs and fats intake are proven to increase muscle mass in our body. However, there can be variation affected by individuals internal body metabolism. Some points to consider to understand the process:

How does evolution explain the birth of birds?

Well, long before vertebrate flight was even a possibility, the line that would lead to mammals developed fur and the line that would lead to dinosaurs developed downy feathers. The two things were about equally good at keeping the animal warm and would have looked very similar, but because down feathers have a branching structure and are