Why does my battery percentage decrease if I drop my phone?

Dropping your phone shouldn't decrease your battery percentage.

I should know, I've done it on more occasions than I can remember.

However, if the drop is sufficient enough, it could cause internal damage to the battery which is actually a very dangerous occurrence.

Batteries are Lithium Ion & they shouldn't be pierced due to their significant threats as fire hazards.

If you're concerned then I recommend taking your phone to the manufacturers store to be looked at further.

Will Thanos make an appearance in the upcoming Captain Marvel film?

It is likely that Thanos will make an apearance in Captain Marvel. It might be in a post credits scene or someplace else. I think that since she has not been introduced in the Avengers Infinity War (2018) and her whereabouts are unknown so we will see where she has been till now. I think that Thanos'

What are the best institutions to study remote sensing and GIS?

There are certainly many institutions in India.You can read this to know about the Top 6 institutions providing GIS related courses.There are certainly various career opportunities in GIS and the biggest advantage is that they prevail in Government or Private sector, both!Hope, this helps you.

Why does most commercial food taste the same to me?

When you say "commercial", do you mean food prepared by a restaurant, or food you can buy preprocessed (like canned food) in a grocery store? Those are two very different things.Most canned food is, in my opinion, too salty. I prefer to get frozen or fresh vegetables and fruit (canned fruit is