Why does my dog hate other dogs?

T4A2A, Imri.

Possessive? That's a human characteristic you're projecting onto her.

Also, the fact that you're pointing out her high energy around other dogs, and her fear and hesitation around people is pointing straight back to you.

Your dog-by means of her unbalanced behaviors noted above-is telling you that you're not being her strong leader.

That's hard medicine for some to hear, but take it as observation and not judgment. More important than what I type is whatever your response is going to be.

Dogs want strong leaders. If they sense a vacancy in leadership in their life, they're programmed to take over, and in some cases, the dogs are poor at being leaders. Yours sounds like she's not a good leader, because of possessiveness, high energy, and anxiety.

No dog should ever experience anxiety. That state is usually a semi-permanent state, until an owner learns about it, identifies it, understands it, and gets the training to eliminate it. A dog in an anxious state is equivalent to torture-dogs by nature are calm and submissive. If they have to be in a permanently anxious state, that's the torture.

Getting the dog away from the anxiety, getting them to stop barking around other dogs, getting her to stop her obsessive behaviors involves your getting the training to learn how to be her

  1. calm,
  2. strong,
  3. non-aggressive, and
  4. assertive

leader. When you learn to be that way, she gets triggered to be

  1. calm and
  2. submissive.

Your leadership style triggers her natural follower (followership) style. You always, always, always want a calm dog, and your calm assertiveness is what triggers it. The system is self-supporting, and self-reinforcing.

When you're being her strong, calm, non-aggressive, and assertive leader, those other things will fall by the wayside on their own-they're side effects of her attempting to be the leader, when she's not a good leader.

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