Why does my husband leave me till last?

Take some control and ask him that question.  This will of course lead to a very good discussion.  Do not let it escalate into yelling.  Just have a meaningful conversation and be prepared to tell each other the truth.  This truth-sharing will naturally deepen your relationship.

What's the hardest part about being a teenager that no one ever talks about?

The hardest part is to realise that the word teenager came from the way we count from 13 to 19.In reality there are no teenagers but just human being growing up. The important thing to realise is that these 6 years can shape your future, either you can build or

Is same sex marriage legal in Israel?

Same sex marriage performed in Israel is not recognized by the state, which has fully delegated the facilitation of marriages conducted in Israel to religious bodies. This is among many limitations on marriages performed in Israel - a Jewish person cannot marry a non-Jew and two Jewish people cannot marry in a non-orthodox

Should an Indian woman marry at the age of 24?

The scientific evidence says that younger the mom, the healthier is her progeny. Hence a woman who is desirous of having a family must marry early and also start family early. Other than this there is no compelling reason for marrying early. Further there are