Why does one feel if they have everything they are still not happy?

Because Happiness = (Sum of our possessions)/(Sum of our desires)

The key to happiness is not to have more things, but to reduce your desires.

Desire to buy things
Desire to have friends/family behave a certain way
Desire to spend more & more time with people you love, thereby suffocating them
Desire to own people
Desire to impress others
Desire to always win compared to your colleagues/friends/neighbours
Desire to not desire anything :)

Thank you for asking Raavi.
Do you think that Narendra Modi's Gujarat model is overrated?

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Why it's so hard to do sit-ups after some days doing it?

Sounds like you have been overdoing situps and have strained your abdominal muscles. Let it heal properly, if you're 4 days into the strain, your strength should start returning soon.I suggest you learn a lesson from this that I wish I would have