Why does technology advance rapidly?

Go back to few thousands of years, humans were unable to pass on information to the successive generations. So all the information and experiences gathered had to be vanished gradually because humans did not have any proper means of storing information.

But one day things started to change. Humans learned to do this:

Actually, in comprising with our ancestors, we are not evolving to be more smarter. Our advances in technology or other fields are largely based on precedessors' ideas. They have laid the foundation of modern science and technology. What we are doing is to fulfill their presumptions and dreams.

Big leaps in technology are limited compared with society decades ago. Computer is more widely used and available to normal people, mobile phone has became a necessity in human' daily life.Whereas, those things mentioned above have been invented decades ago, the only thing we are doing is to perfectionalize them.

We all look forward to something new to come into our lives, more importantly, we desire to the coming of some new and overthrowing technological systems as our precedessors have done before.

Because there's always a better way to do something. The rush towards faster and better has always been around; the efforts now are just more energized. Necessity is the mother of invention... which is the mother of innovation.. which, after several iterations, becomes the mother of disruption.

Because of the advances in communication, the web, TV and computers, we
now effectively have a hive mind that multiplies greatly what an individual or small group might accomplish as has been traditional heretofore. Example:
All About The Human Genome Project (HGP)

All About The Human Genome Project (HGP)

Because: Creativity.
StoryAlity #6 - What is (big-C) Creativity - and How Does It Work?
People keep combining ideas - and some of them work.
Because the time to search for information has decreased, or the time for dispersal of information has decreased.  The result of this progress is effectively time compression.
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