Why does the Marvel Cinematic Universe keep rolling out their movies silently while the DC Cinematic Universe keeps taunting Marvel and telling people Marvel is a rip-off?

Iam really not sure how this concept of rip off is getting viral everywhere. None of the executives of DC or Marvel has given a bumping head of such statement rather every executive has been consistently denying the existence of such statements.

Each and every famous artists or a comic book writer/creator, graphic novelist, designers, artists (this would bring all of the creators under one tree) had been working with more than one company. There are instances where few of them came out of one company and formed a new one (Please refer to the origin of image comics).

I am going to take this individual for an example it is not because I consider him as the best comic book creator but because he is someone who is way familiar even with the regular ongoing film audiences these days who does not fit under comic geek Galaxy.

What games do astronauts play?

So, this is a story about the place where games and life overlap.The year is 1990. I'm in high school, I remember one weeknight being woken up in middle of the night to the clacking sound of someone using a keyboard.It's my father. He's sitting at my computer

Is modern technology making life better?

Nowadays, modern technologies have become indispensable parts in many sectors from communication to transportation to food processing. Some people argue that the advent of advanced technologies makes life more complicated and people busier. From my own point of view, most of those technologies have positive impact on society.I think, new technologies have helped people achieve many things

For Grad school application, what common mistakes do undergrads make?

I've read graduate applications in physics for over a decade. Here are my thoughts on the application:The most important part of the application are the letters. Make sure that your letter writers think highly of you (don't ask