Why does the Marvel Cinematic Universe keep rolling out their movies silently while the DC Cinematic Universe keeps taunting Marvel and telling people Marvel is a rip-off?

Iam really not sure how this concept of rip off is getting viral everywhere. None of the executives of DC or Marvel has given a bumping head of such statement rather every executive has been consistently denying the existence of such statements.

Each and every famous artists or a comic book writer/creator, graphic novelist, designers, artists (this would bring all of the creators under one tree) had been working with more than one company. There are instances where few of them came out of one company and formed a new one (Please refer to the origin of image comics).

I am going to take this individual for an example it is not because I consider him as the best comic book creator but because he is someone who is way familiar even with the regular ongoing film audiences these days who does not fit under comic geek Galaxy.

How can an IT engineer work in ISRO? Is there any scope for IT engineers in ISRO?

Thanks A2A !!Answer to your question is Yes !!IT / Comp science engineers are recruited every year in ISRO. And they have lot to do for the ISRO.There are softwares on chip in Satellite which have so many logics for keeping satellite healthy. For e.g a geostationary satellite is at 36000 kms away

How did Iron Man lose to Thanos?

His first mistake being human. His second thinking armor can protect him from a single minded force of insanity. His third thinking that plans and heroes will always win. His final mistake making Thanos get his hands dirty.Thanos has beaten back the likes of Galactus

Is there a chance that Star Wars: The Last Jedi a good and better movie?

Better than TFA? In terms of story, most likely, as you can't get much worse than TFA. Though I have been wrong before.It will be well-made, have high production value, and have decent acting with generally good dialogue.The story will