Why does the US love China?

Americans do not love China. But on that same question, Americans do not hate China either.

Contrary to what Mr.Trump says, most Americans are indifferent to what China is or what China does. Similar to how most of their population is to us.

There is a portion of Americans who, without much evidence, point the finger at China and accuse them of trying to take down the USA and manipulate our currency.

There is a portion of Americans who remember what China is vaguely, then continue with their day to day lives. Pick up the kids, vacuum the rug, go on the date tonight, make lunch, etc.

There is a portion of Americans who know the US and China need each other to exist, as they are vital to each other's economies via trade.

And then there's the portion of Americans, myself included, who enjoy history and politics, and disagree or agree with what China is doing in the South China Sea.

I do not hate China, but I find it hypocritical of the country to vocalize the need for peace in the region in regards to North and South Korea, than create instability and tension by cresting artificial islands and trying to control trade in the South China Sea.

That is my opinion, thanks for reading.

Since when has it been true that the US loves China? They are a regional power that frequently clashes with the US in the Pacific that went to war with us in the Korean War (unofficially), and that has been often seen as an enemy by the US government. Like the Russians, it is a feared adversary.

Love isn't the right word. We understand the importance of good relations with China, and the economic interdependence. That's not love. That's being savvy.

Because they want to take over the resources in China.

What would happen if Russia invaded Poland?

That will test how NATO pact will work in practice. If there would be no assistance from other NATO member countries then the whole pact will simply collapse as members will now that they have only themselves to rely on making whole pact a nothing more than empty gesture.Regardless of that Poland