Why does the US support Israel? What benefit does the US get out of this alliance?

I am going to keep this answer short and to the point, rather than go into great detail with many references. These are the most important facts for this question/answer, in my opinion.

  1. The US supports Israel because both countries share democratic, western values. The founding fathers of America based their new country on ‘Judeo-Christian' values and the rule of laws and freedom. Many of those laws were based on the Jewish Bible, and The Ten Commandments. You will not find these laws in the Arab countries.

2. Those who have been lucky enough to visit Israel notice how much it looks and feels like the US, because Israelis do in fact love so much about America's culture, history and freedoms. Israel is by far America's greatest ally in the Middle East. I would have to say, in the world. Not like the Europeans, who pretend to be our allies, but in fact despise the US and American culture. They are nothing more than ‘friendly competitors'. The US still picks up the bill to protect them. Take Germany for instance, with 35,000 active US military personnel. For what? US assessing cost of keeping troops in Germany

3. The benefit that the US receives from the alliance with Israel is many-fold. Israel is a micro-tiny country with much to offer. Israel is the most stabilizing factor in the Middle East. While failed, despotic, dictatorial Arab and Muslim countries surround Israel, it is an oasis of peace, democracy, and stability in a sea of Islamic chaos, anarchy, mayhem, all marred by Arab terrorism, murder, rape, pillage, beheadings.

4. Since the founding of the modern State of Israel, the country made sure that no foreign soldier/s would be stationed on its land, in its defense. Israel makes a point of fighting her own battles, even though Israel is always at a numerical disadvantage over its adversaries. Whereas American soldiers die almost weekly (sometimes daily) for Arab and Muslim wars and oil, no American soldier dies for Israel.

While many anti-Israel, anti-Semitic posts and ‘discussions' across the internet like to describe how much money is given to Israel each year for military aid, they always leave out the most important facts. Much of the military aid given to Israel must be spent in the US. That's fine, even though today Israel has it's own weapons manufacturing capabilities. Much of what is purchased through this military aid is often upgraded by Israel to new and better standards, then shared with the US on how to improve them.

5. While the haters of Israel rant and rave about monies spent on Israel, they leave out the most laughable fact: tens of thousands of US soldiers, American soldiers....are on duty this minute in Japan, Germany, Korea, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, the Gulf. Not one in Israel.

"The five countries with the largest active-duty U.S. military presence in 2016 were Japan (38,818), Germany (34,602), South Korea (24,189), Italy (12,088) and Afghanistan (9,023). " Pew Research. Again, not one in Israel. US assessing cost of keeping troops in Germany

Who pays for these US soldiers to be stationed defending Germans, Japanese, and South Koreans, Italians, and Afghanis? America, that's who. YOU. ME. And after decades of protecting these countries from their enemies, the US has spent hundreds of billions, probably trillions of dollars for their defense. How many lost soldiers? Too many to count.

And then we have NATO expenses to pay, all to protect Europe from who? Russia? Let them defend themselves, they're big enough and wealthy enough, all 505 million of them. They burn the American flag and hate us anyhow. Quit Harping on U.S. Aid to Israel

So for approximately half of what President Trump wants to build a border wall/fence with Mexico, $3 billion each year, the United States gets the highest tech, best trained, loyal army, forward outpost, air force, navy, and intelligence service as an ally in keeping peace in the Middle East, where the US has vital geopolitical and economic interests.

That's a steal if there ever was one. If I were Israel, I'd be asking for a lot more than $3 billion. Quit Harping on U.S. Aid to Israel

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