Why does the USA still have a presence in Europe even though Europe gains nothing from it?

As long as America honors its commitment to NATO, Europeans profit from the solidarity and security this alliance has provided now for 70 years - which is, of course, a two-way street: America needs Europe as much as they need us. However, if Trump pulls the United States out of NATO or refuses to committ to the principle that an attack on one member state is an attack on all, then Europe would be best advised to kick us out and go their own way.

Is it good to go abroad after 12th non-medical, rather than giving the JEE exam?

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Why is a man expected to kneel at a woman's feet during a proposal in certain cultures? I've been told that marriage is mutual. Typically, kneeling is a sign of submission. I simply don't understand the tradition.

They aren't. At least not by two thirds of the world. The tradition of proposing on bent knee is a Christian tradition that is modeled after knights that would kneel when an honor was being bestowed upon them. But it's a tradition practiced

What do people of age 18 - 21 do in India?

18 to 21 year of age people in india are1.entrepreneurs2.resellers3.promoters4.influencers5.branding6.into brandmaking7.developing personality8.not confirmist;they have their own brains9Do not ape10.possess their own personality11.learners12.executors13.app developer14.creators15.blogger16.content writers ,creators,publisher17.reader....maximum must have had finished reading at least 50 books apart from their university syllabus18 think tank....thinkers19.marketing experts20.responsibled21.involved in social philanthropist Nd Smith activities22.motivators23.learners,teachers24.also coders,and doctors25 a person studying