Why doesn't Australia have any bombers?

Modern long range bomber is an offensive weapon.

Australia have no actual enemy that can reasonably threaten them. Papua New Guinea and New Zealand are an ally. Indonesia is a friendly business partner and a neutral. There is nobody in the South.

If Australia have significant amount of offensive weapon such as ballistic missile and long range bomber without any actual threat, the neutral nations to the North (such as Indonesia who have a fairly fanatical nationalism and anti imperialism) will feel suspicious of Australia's intention.

This can trigger unnecessary arm race, military build up, bilateral dispute, and Indonesia leaning to (in the past) USSR and (today) China.

We have 72 x F18s, 24 x Super Hornets, 2 x F35s, 18 x P8s, and 26 x Orions, all capable of dropping bombs.

Having 142 airplanes capable of dropping bombs means we don't really need any specialised single purpose planes devoted to this role. Particularly as there's not a whole lot of places around here to bomb.

Do actors make good directors and why?

In general, there is no clear hint that actors make good directors. To oversimplify, acting is pretty much about dealing with oneself, whereas directing is about dealing with everyone and everything.Ben Affleck is certainly a great example for an actor that is born for the director's chair. Both of the feature films he made

Marvel Comics: Which is better 'Ultimate avengers ' or 'Avengers' (2012) movie?

Ultimate Captain America would kill the movie's Steve Rogers in less than two seconds. The guy has no restrictions to kill unarmed foes using a rifle or machine gun! Marvel live action was loosely based in Ultimate Avengers, but refers to the original Marvel Universe where most characters are not that badasses than their Ultimate counterparts.

Why can't Indian directors make movies like Hollywood?

India CAN... bollywood CANT.I mean if bollywood consumers think that 3 idiots and PK are good movies,I have nothing to say.if audience is satisfied with this this type of movie what is the point of making anything better.Now these are some movies which I liked ...not mainstream bollywood movies